Finally Some Sunshine

What a start to spring this has been!!.. Rain, rain, thunderstorms, floods and more rain!! Well finally after weeks of wet weather we have some sunshine.  Warm weather means that I can finally get to work for the summer.  Gotta leave my 2 amazing kids with their cousin to watch them as I venture back into the workforce after just over 4 years.  Being a stay at home dad has been tough…and rewarding.  Not many men get to spend that quality time when their kids are so young.  I enjoy every aspect of fatherhood and am truly going to miss them being with me all day.  But, they are off to school and as such I need to get my butt back to making some cash to provide for them.

Before I went back to work we made sure to get some fun things for the kids to play with when i’m not home, so a new trampoline and swing set was installed.

our new stone interlock driveway!

We had a stone interlock driveway and patio installed as well, house looks amazing and everyone seems happy where we are so I need to be the provider now and keep things  growing in a positive direction.  You’d be amazed how things when you are married with kids can change from week to week so having strong finances is key!  That being said tomorrow is my official first day back and work and I for one…..can’t wait to get started.

I’ll be sure to update you again really soon,


Rain, Rain go away!


So instead of me starting to transition into the workforce, i’m still Mr. Mom for at least another week!..  The Toronto area has been apparently relocated to the rainforest!

Considering my new job is selling and installing lawn sprinklers, rain is a real hinder to me and my abilities.  On the plus side, my kids are actually happy to have me around still! Which to me is incredible and gives me the feeling of a job well done.

So here’s my quick update for now, keep you posted when we get some sunshine and business gets booming!!!


Gonna miss these kids of mine

Stay at home Dad is tough business,  you get no respect from most people because it seems very unmasculine.  I for one would not change a thing, the stinky diapers, the colds, runny noses all pale in comparison to the love and feeling of pride you have in being able to not only raise kids up, but do a pretty damn good job of it.  Sadly, as my youngest will now be going to school in the new year, I will be returning to the work force.  I have an awesome sales job with a good friend of mine’s company.  We can be found at not only is it awesome to be out and about instead of being inside, it also means I get to spend my days outdoors, meeting new people and sharing my passion for this amazing industry.  

My two kids think it’s also great because what kid doesn’t like playing in the sprinklers on a hot summer day?  I promised the kids a trip to Disney at the end of summer so I need to make everyday count and bring in some cash because the Magic Kingdom is not a cheap place to visit.

I’ll update this soon with my progress as a sales rep!!! Stay Tuned!


Hello world!

What’s up and moving people?  My name is Dan and this little place in the online world belongs to me.  I plan on using this place called cprclassifieds as a way of expressing the ups, downs, challenges and anything else I feel about being a stay at home dad.

Please check in regularly for some updates and light hearted reading material.

If you’d like more info on me, please check out the all about me page here.